Current & Past Senior Administrative Fellows

(Formerly Vice Chancellor’s Fellows)

CLASS of 2018-2019
Scott Hanrath, Libraries
Weizhang Huang, Mathematics
Bonnie Johnson, Public Affairs and Administration
Tracey LaPierre, Sociology
Mahbub Rashid, Architecture
Kathryn Rhine, Anthropology
Tarun Sabarwal, Economics
Nina Vyatkina, Germanic Languages & Literatures
Robert Ward, Molecular Biosciences
Kim Warren, History; Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Indigenous Studies
Jide Wintoki, Finance

CLASS of 2017-2018
Cécile Accilien, Haitian Studies and African and African-American Studies
Santa Arias, Spanish and Portuguese
Tamara Baker, Gerontology and Clinical Psychology
Matt Buechner, Molecular Biosciences
Jay Childers, Communication Studies
Cynthia Colwell, Music Education and Music Therapy
Dorothy Daley, Public Affairs and Administration and Environmental Studies
Jill Ellingson, Human Resource Management
Douglas Huffman, Curriculum and Teaching
Chad Kraus, Architecture, Design and Planning
Kathleen Lane, Special Education
Paul Popiel, Bands
Doug Ward, Journalism
Andrew Williams, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

CLASS of 2016-2017 (Wednesday cohort)
Jim Backes, Pharmacy Practice
Caroline Bennett, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Chris Brown, Environmental Studies and Geography
Florence DiGennaro-Reed, Applied Behavioral Science
David Fowle, Environmental Studies and Geology
Mugur Geana, Journalism
Liz MacGonagle, History
Amy Mendenhall, Social Welfare
Laura Mielke, English
Jeremy Shellhorn, Design
Eric Stomberg, Music
Margot Versteeg, Spanish & Portuguese

CLASS of 2016-2017 (Thursday cohort)
Genelle Belmas, Journalism
Nate Brunsell, Geography
Stephanie Fitzgerald, English
Chris Gamblin, Molecular Biosciences
Heidi Hallman, Curriculum & Teaching
Nicole Hodges Persley, Theatre
Elizabeth Kronk Warner, Law
Michelle Johnson-Motoyama, Social Welfare
Paola Sanguinetti, Architecture
Milena Stanislavova, Mathematics
Mike Wehmeyer, Special Education
Bryan Young, University Honors Program

CLASS of 2015-2016
Kelly Chong, Sociology
Susan Egan, Molecular Biosciences
Bruce Frey, Psychology & Research in Education
Ted Juhl, Economics
Clarence Lang, African and African-American Studies
Rosemary O’Leary, Public Affairs and Administration
Bob Parsons, Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
Ann Rowland, English
Dave Tell, Communication Studies

CLASS of 2014-2015
Paul Atchley, Psychology
Vince Barker, Business
Jennifer Hamer, American Studies
Kissan Joseph, Business
Mary Morningstar, Special Education
Meagan Patterson, Psychology and Research in Education
Jorge Perez, Spanish and Portuguese
Hossein Saiedian, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Christian Schoeneich, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Joy Ward, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Beth Whittaker, Libraries
Mike Williams, Journalism

CLASS of 2013-2014
William Elliott, Social Welfare
Judith Emde, Libraries
Michael Engel, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Mechele Leon, Theatre
Lumen Mulligan, Law
Scott Reinardy, Journalism
Susan Scholz, Business
Joan Sereno, Linguistics
Kelli Thomas, Curriculum & Teaching
Z.J. Wang, Aerospace Engineering

CLASS of 2012-2013
Brian Barnes, Pharmacy
Michael Baskett, Film & Media Studies
Henry Bial, American Studies
Christopher Forth, History/Humanities & Western Civilization
Andrea Herstowski, Design
Ebenezer Obadare, Sociology
Thomas Prisinzano, Pharmacy
Jennifer Roberts, Geology
Melanie Wilson, Law

CLASS of 2011-2012
Chris Anderson, Business
Barbara Barnett, Journalism
Stuart Day, Spanish & Portuguese
Jane Gibson, Anthropology
Marc Greenberg, Slavic Languages & Literatures
Don Haider-Markel, Political Science

CLASS of 2010-2011
Ruth Ann Atchley, Psychology
Tamara Falicov, Film & Media Studies
Lisa Friis, Mechanical Engineering
Karen Multon, Psychology & Research in Education
Glenn Prescott, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Barbara Timmermann, Medicinal Chemistry
Stacey White, Architecture & Urban Planning
Susan Williams, Chemical & Petroleum

CLASS of 2009-2010
Mary Banwart, Communication Studies
Marta Caminero-Santangelo, English
Paul Kelton, History
David Smith, Sociology
Lorie Vanchena, Germanic Languages & Literatures

CLASS of 2008-2009
Arvin Agah, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Allard Jongman, Linguistics
Stephen Kapp, Social Welfare
Liz Kowalchuk, Design
Keith Diaz Moore, Architecture
Holly Storkel, Speech-Language-Hearing
Terry Slocum, Geography
Ric Steele, Applied Behavioral Science, Clinical Child Psychology Program

CLASS of 2007-2008
Lori Messinger, Social Welfare
Nancy Muma, Pharmacology & Toxicology
Garth Myers, African and African-American Studies
David Perlmutter, Journalism
Chris Petr, Social Welfare
Michael Vitevitch, Psychology

CLASS of 2006-2007
Dorice Elliott, English
Stacy Leeds, Indigenous Nations and Law
Cheryl Lester, American Studies
Edward Morris, Applied Behavioral Sciences
Eve Levin, History
John Staniunas, Theatre and Film

CLASS of 2005-2006
Chuck Berg, Theatre & Film
Iris Smith Fischer, English
Maria Orive, Biological Sciences
William Staples, Sociology
Gregory Thomas, Design

CLASS OF 2004-2005
Caroline Jewers, French and Italian
Christopher Morphew, Teaching and Leadership
Sara Rosen, Linguistics
Margaret Severson, Social Welfare
Greg Simpson, Psychology

CLASS OF 2003-2004
Kim Roddis, Engineering
Anton Rosenthal, History
Kathy Suprenant, Molecular Biosciences
Lisa Wolfwendel, Teaching and Leadership

CLASS OF 2002-2003
Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, Theatre and Film
Mark Ezell, Social Welfare
Estela Gavosto, Mathematics
Deborah Gerner, Political Science

CLASS OF 2001-2002
Susan Gauch, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Joe Heppert, Chemistry
Jocelyn Johnston, Public Administration
Leonardo Villalon, Political Science

CLASS OF 2000-2001
Ann Cudd, Philosophy
Roscoe Howard, Law
Brad Schaffner, Libraries
Deborah Smith, Entomology
Kurt Thurmaier, Public Administration

CLASS OF 1999-2000
J. William Carswell, Architecture & Urban Design
John W. Hoopes, Anthropology
Angel Kwolek-Folland, History
James W. Lichtenberg, Counseling Psychology

CLASS OF 1998-1999
Jean Peterson, Social Welfare
Adrienne Rivers, Journalism
Mike Swann, Architecture & Urban Design
Douglas Walker, Geology

CLASS OF 1997-1998
Matthew Adeyanju, Health, Sport & Exercise Science
Bud Hirsch, English
Mark Mathews, Human Development and Family Life
Joshua Rosenbloom, Economics

CLASS OF 1996-1997
Mary Lee Hummert, Communication Studies
Paul Johnson, Political Science
Earle Knowlton, Special Education
Linda Trueb, Systematics & Ecology

CLASS OF 1995-1996
Amy Devitt, English
Sadye Logan, Social Welfare
Richard Plumb, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Michael Roberts, Human Development and Family Life

CLASS OF 1994-1995
Marilyn Amey, Higher Education
Christopher Hepp, School of Fine Arts
Meredith A. Lane, RL McGregor Herbarium
Kim A. Wilcox, Speech/Language/Hearing

CLASS OF 1993-1994
Raymond K. Moore, Civil Engineering
Fred Rodriguez, Curriculum & Instruction
Joey Sprague, Sociology
Beverly Davenport Sypher, Communication Studies

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